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Sara Maamouri

For the last 12 years I've been working with directors to help them realize their vision. My skills as both a video editor (Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Avid), and a story editor, have been honed to a fine point.

Originally from Tunisia, I am multi-lingual and have edited films and shorter videos in English, French, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Turkish.

I'd be happy to have a coffee and chat about your project.
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Currently, Sara is co-producing and editing Tunisia 2.0, a documentary about two Tunisians after the revolution in 2011. She is also editing Genomania, a feature-length documentary that shows how genetic determinism, unsupported by scientific evidence, has been used throughout American history to justify race, gender and class inequalities, and provided the basis for harmful social policies. She is creative lead of Project: Burned, a transmedia documentary about the execution of Todd Cameron Willingham and a look at arson investigation in the United States.

Sara has edited the following: