Twice Upon A Time (2016)


Sara is not just proficient with the technical tools; along the editing journey, she was an equally invested partner in building story structure, figuring out the styles of our artistic elements and the music.” - Niam Itani, Director

Sara explored and implemented “Scrivener”, a new software for both of us, to go about our paper edit. Together, we tackled the strenuous task of cracking the structure of a film that spans several timelines, geographic locations as well as memories and fantasies.” - Niam Itani, Director

2016 Winner Best Documentary: Lebanese Film Festival

2016 Edinburgh Film Festival Official Selection

Twice Upon A Time is a bittersweet tale about friendship between children of two different countries and generations brought together because of their common experience as war refugees. Khalil (12) from Syria & Niam (32) from Lebanon bond together and try to find happiness and joy in the midst of hardship and despair.

Niam saw my profile on Slated as an Arabic-speaking editor and hadn’t actually realized that she needed an editor. She brought me in to the project at an early stage to figure out the structure and help her tell her story. We started from several interviews and several hours of vérité and built a complex feature length film with animation.