Revolution in Four Seasons (2015)

Editor, Co-Producer, Kickstarter

Sara is a great partner, adding creatively to these pieces and thinking ahead for new ways to consider the footage and the story. She is incredibly technically savvy, keeping far more ahead of the game than most other editors I know.” - Jessie Deeter, Director

In A REVOLUTION IN FOUR SEASONS, two politically-opposed young women fight to shape their lives along with the political future of Tunisia, the sole country to emerge from the Arab Spring uprisings as a functional democracy.

2016 Margaret Mead Film Festival Opening Night Selection

2016 Hot Docs Official Selection

It was difficult not to get caught up in what was happening in Tunisia, my birth place, and the implications of everything happening throughout the course of filming A Revolution in Four Seasons.

Over the course of the five years we shot, I followed the story of these two young women with fascination and allowed myself to be surprised and drawn in by perspectives that were not necessarily in harmony with my own going into the project.

During the finishing push of the film, I ran and designed the Kickstarter that raised $40,423 (Before we updated the name of the film).